Thankfully as American citizens, we have the privilege and right to use our voice. Today is your chance to be heard. The Tick-Borne Disease Alliance is providing the ability for you to write a “letter” to your local, state and federal policy makers. Just follow the instructions to send a letter pre-written by TBDA. You’ll also have a chance to tell your own, personal story - and have your voice heard.

Below you will see 3 buttons that will take you to your personalized letter. Select the letter most appropriate for you and follow the instructions from there. Please add in your own personal story, but try to keep it short and succinct (a few sentences); some elected officials restrict how much can be sent to them in a message.

You will be asked to submit your name and home address, and in some cases, your telephone number -- depending on the elected official's submission criteria. You will not be able to submit your letter unless you complete this area. The data you submit is used to direct your letter to your local and state elected officials as well as verify that you are a real person and not a 'bot.'  The information is collected by TBDA advocacy and by the designated elected officials who will be receiving your letter via this software application. By submitting your information, you may receive future communications from TBDA.

People nationwide are suffering from various forms of tick-borne diseases. We want to hear your voice; please help us break the silence and act now. Every voice counts.