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Reading Round-Up

Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies, By Connie Strasheim

The Lyme Diet: Nutritional Strategies for Healing from Lyme Disease, By Nicola McFadzean ND

Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections, By Stephen Harrod Buhner

Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, By Pamela Weintraub

Healing Chronic Illness, By Connie Strasheim

The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing, By Connie Strasheim

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Babesia: Lyme’s Cruel Cousin-The Other Tick-Borne Infection, By James Schaller, MD

The Lyme Disease Solution, By Kenneth B. Singleton MD

The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine, By Bryan Rosner

Coping with Lyme Disease: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Diagnosis and Treatment, By Denise Lang and Kenneth Liegner

Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Disorders, 2nd Edition, By Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner

The Widening Circle: A Lyme Disease Pioneer Tells Her Story, By Polly Murray

Lyme Disease: A Mother’s Perspective, By Karen Angotti

Bull’s-Eye: Unraveling the Mystery of Lyme Disease, By Robert B. Parker

Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook, By Gail & Laura Piazza

Lyme Disease: The Ecology of a Complex System, By Richard S. Ostfeld

When Antibiotics Fail: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines with Critical Evaluation of Leading Alternative Therapies, By Bryan Rosner

(This list is provided for informational purposes only. TBDA does not endorse any reading material.)