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TBDA volunteers proudly answer inquiries from patients throughout the world and provide free, information about tick-borne disease knowledgeable medical professionals in your area.

When a patient with possible Lyme or tick-borne disease symptoms does not develop the distinctive rash, a medical professional must rely on a detailed medical history and a careful physical examination for essential clues to diagnosis, with laboratory tests playing a supportive role.

The inadequacies of the current diagnostic tests and many physicians' lack of experience with the disease and in interpreting result often prevent a correct Lyme or tick-borne disease diagnosis. In the first few weeks following infection, antibody tests are not reliable because a patient's immune system has not produced enough antibodies to be detected. Antibiotics given to a patient early during infection may also prevent antibodies from reaching detectable levels, even though the Lyme-disease bacterium is the cause of the patient's symptoms.

Many of the tick-borne disease knowledgeable physicians and health-care professionals have been trained in TBDA's world-renowned Physician's Training Program.
If you are interested in finding a tick-borne disease medical professional in your area, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please note, we can respond to email inquiries ONLY.