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For Medical Professionals

TBDA is pleased to continue to support our world renowned TBD Training Program (TP), also known as the Physician Training Program. Through our program, medical practitioners have the opportunity to train with a designated tick-borne disease specialist.

TP trainees have come from coast to coast and even abroad. Word about our unique training program has been spreading, enabling new health care professionals to get involved and go back to their hometowns to successfully treat patients with Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Many are now the only health care professional in their community, city, or even state able to recognize and treat the symptoms of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

TBDA has trained more than 125 health care professionals through this program and thousands of individuals, who would otherwise be forced to suffer from the effects of Lyme and tick-borne diseases, have been properly diagnosed and treated around the world.

Dr. Ann F. Corson, a past participant in the program whose office is in the heart of Pennsylvania Lyme disease country, notes that "Not only have I received grants to study the management of tick-borne diseases with the best existing clinicians, but three other physicians have now come and trained in my office under additional grants from TBDA (formerly TTC). This charity has done more than any other in promoting the education of practicing physicians in the recognition and management of tick-borne diseases".

Interested parties should contact TBDA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The trainee will be able to take this newly acquired knowledge and treat people in their communities. Increasing the amount of Lyme disease literate doctors is essential to treat the thousands of ill patients domestically and internationally.

Praise for the TBD Training Program:

I am reporting back after a fascinating week with Dr. Ray Stricker in San Francisco, California. I had no idea as to the extent of tick-borne illness and the myriad manifestations of it. All I could do as I sat there listening to Dr. Stricker and his patients was to think of my own patients who matched the presentations I was hearing. Frankly, it made me a bit sad that I had probably missed the correct diagnoses on lots of people over the years, even when I had suspected Lyme disease and been let down by the conventional testing. I am excited that I can do a better job in that respect and have ordered several kits from Igenex to get started right away.

From March 22-26th, I had the privilege of following Dr. Richard Horowitz at his office in Hyde Park, New York.  Overall it was a wonderful, educational experience.

I learned how to test for Lyme; how to test for co-infections; how to manipulate cell wall, intracellular and cystic forms of antibiotics; how to coordinate treatment of Lyme with treatment of co-infections; how to taper with herbal protocols; how to prevent yeast and C. difficile secondary to antibiotic treatments; and how to integrate that with all the problems Lyme patients have, including heavy metals, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disturbance, mood disturbances, pain, etc.

The most important aspect of my trip was that when I returned to my office, I was able to apply many new principles to treating my Lyme patients.  I appreciate Dr. Horowitz, and his staff, taking the time to pass on a small part of his wonderful fund of knowledge, and I know my patients will be grateful as well.

Ann F. Corson, MD
2009 Physicians Training Program Impact Award Recipient

I entered the Program because I sought to learn more about the disease that was killing my only child. After starting my own practice taking care of  tick-borne disease (TBD) patients, I wanted to learn from the founding fathers of Lyme disease about the clinical evaluation and management of TBDs.

Everything I learned in those three weeks was important. Every tidbit of clinical knowledge has been invaluable to me on a daily basis. A huge amount of the global scientific knowledge supporting ILADS' viewpoint continues to amass at an extraordinary rate weekly. I use the knowledge acquired from my participation in TBDA’s PTP daily in the treatment of my TBD patients.

Robert S. Waters, MD
Waters Integrative Health Center, WI

The fact that a patient at long last comes into the care of a doctor who can make a diagnosis of their illness and give them real hope of a cure, or at least an improvement, is healing in and of itself.

I want to thank ILADS for providing me with this opportunity for training, and am anxious to evaluate many patients that are already under my care, but still suffering a variety of symptoms, as well as to receive referrals of new patients from ILADS.

My five-day training with Joseph Jemsek, MD was amongst the best experience I have had over the last 23 years as an alternative medicine practitioner.

My index of suspicion for Lyme and related diseases is much higher and I have already began both more thorough testing and more aggressive treatment on a number of patients.


Daniel B. Kalb, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Cool Springs Family Medicine, TN

As a result of my experience, I certainly feel more comfortable in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and its co-infections, and I hope that this can translate into better health for my patients.

I expect to use many of the treatment options that we discussed to help me better understand and treat my patients’ conditions, and I am very grateful to ILADS for giving me the opportunity to better serve them.