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Treatments for a tick-borne disease vary greatly and a conclusive and complete treatment protocol is unknown. If treated immediately after a tick bite, many patients seem to obtain elimination of all symptoms of Lyme disease after a course of six weeks of an oral antibiotic such as doxycycline. However, it is not known if this treatment permanently cures Lyme disease and the treatment is not effective against many other tick-borne diseases.

A patient who seems to be symptom-free should be vigilant in watching for any recurrence, and so should his or her doctor. Relapses do occur. At the other end of the spectrum, some patients find no relief at all from a short course of antibiotics, particularly if they have co-infections. Many patients given the standard oral antibiotic treatment seem to do fine for years and then suddenly experience the same or new symptoms. Often a stressful life event such as a jarring accident, head injury, surgery, divorce, or a death in the family can trigger reemergence of symptoms mimicking a new infection.

Additionally, tick-borne disease patients need to develop a good program of exercise and nutrition. Patients on antibiotics need to take acidophilus, which replaces the good bacteria (killed by antibiotics) that are necessary for the body’s digestive system to function properly. Many patients also take supplements that help boost the immune system. Consult with your physician on all non-prescription treatments.